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Research Grants (Ongoing)

  • Project number: I/SEED/RRV/20200076 (IITJ seed grant) Grant period: 2020-2023

       Project title: Biomimetic Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks for Targeted Bimodal NIRF          and MR Imaging and Phototherapy of Ovarian Cancer Cells

        Role: Principal Investigator   Amount: 25,00,000 INR

  • Funding Source: Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Grant period: 2020-2024

        Project title: Biomimetic Nanoscale Metal-Organic Frameworks for Targeted Near-Infrared          Fluorescence Imaging and Phototherapeutic Destruction of Intraperitoneal Tumors

        Role: PI   Amount: 42,00,000 INR

  • Project number: I/IMRG/RRV/20210021 (International Mobility Grant) 

         Project title: Near-Infrared Light Activable Erythrocyte Membrane Coated Black                             Phosphoros nanosheets for Targeted Bioimaging and Photo-Chemotherapy of

        Breast Cancer cells  Role: PI   Amount: 10,00,000 INR

  • Funding Source: JAL JEEVAN MISSION (JM)/NATIONAL RURAL DRINKING WATER MISSION.    Project title: Point-of-use and in-line coliforms sensors for smart water management.        Role: Co-PI   Amount: 72,51,200 INR

  • Funding Source: DST-SERB Project Title: Biocompatible and water dispersible silanized reduced graphene oxide derivatives: Near infrared responsive bimodal phototherapeutic agents for the disruption of bacterial biofilms. Role : Co-PI  Amount : 54,82,400 INR

  • Funding Source: DST-SERB Project number: S/SERB/RRV/20230174

  • Project title: Molecularly Engineered Free Standing Borophene as a Versatile Nanotheranostic Platform to Combat Localized Cancers. Role: PI Amount: 40,90,990 INR

Research Grants (Completed)

  • Funding Source: National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU) Grant period: 01/07/2019-9/30/2020 Project title: Early Diagnosis of Metastatic sites in Cancer Patients            Role: Co-PI   Amount: 17,50,000 INR


  • Project number: NIH-SBIR 1R43CA210715-01A1 Grant period: 2017-2018            Project title: Erythrocyte-derived optical nano-probes for image-guided identification of tumor margins and cancer resection                                                                                        Role: PI   Amount: $260,000


  • Project number: NIH-SBIR 1R43CA228692-01A1 Grant period: 2018-2019          Project title: Erythrocyte-derived nanoparticles for light-activated combination of chemophotothermal therapy of tumors                                                                                       Role: PI   Amount: $264,517


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